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  • We are the first clinic in Western Canada
    devoted to animal dermatology

  • Certified Veterinary Dermatology Specialist

  • Serving Vancouver and Richmond
You DO NOT need a referral to see our specialist in Skin, Ears, Hair, Nails and AllergiesTraditional Chinese

Welcome to Animal Dermatology Specialists of Vancouver, veterinary specialists of skin, ears, allergy and nail problems.

Diagnoses & Treatment Of Ear Problems
Our video otoscope is an excellent tool for the diagnoses and treatment of ear problems both external ear infections and middle ear infections.
Animal Allergy Testing
Allergy Skin testing is the gold standard for allergy testing.
Paw & Nail Disorders Treatment
Specialist doctor for the treatment of paw and nail disorders.

Animal Dermatology Expert Care

Certified Animal Dermatologist Being the first clinic in Western Canada devoted to animal dermatology, our certified specialist takes extraordinary care with all of the animals we treat. Specializing in skin, ears, hair, nails and allergies, we treat, care, test, and aid your pets back to health! We focus not only on the highest quality of medical care and diagnostics, but educating the owner about their pet'™s condition. Understanding the cause means choosing the right solution! Book Consultation

Conditions to Consider When Scheduling a Consultation

  • Environmental & Food Allergies - Intradermal Skin Testing

  • Allergies treated by desensitization (allergy injections or oral immunotherapy)

  • Itching, Scratching, Chewing

  • Paw Licking & Paw Infections

  • Chronic Skin Infections, Severe Dandruff, Strong Smell/Odour

  • Chronic Ear Infections

  • Hair Loss, Mange Mites (Demodex & Scabies), Flea Allergies

  • Hormonal and Auto-Immune Skin Diseases

  • Any Other Skin, Ear or Paw Problems

Our goal at the Animal Dermatology Specialists of Vancouver is to not only provide the highest quality medical and diagnostic services available, but also educate the owner regarding their pet's skin disease. If an owner understands what the cause of the skin problem is, we can initiate the most advanced treatment options for those causes and subsequently the symptoms will begin to resolve. Please call 604-558-3376 to set up your pet's comprehensive consultation today!

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