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Skin Cancer & Tumors

Mast Cell Tumor

The most common malignant tumor of the skin. Affecting the mast cells of the dermis. Breeds predisposed include, Boxers, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Labradors, Weimaraners, Beagles, Chinese Sharpeis and Golden Retrievers. The tumors are usually found on the trunk, perineum and limbs.

Epitheliotropic Lymphoma (Mycosis Fungoides)

MF is a malignant cancer arising from T lymphocytes. Highest incidence in older animals, Scottish terriers and Golden Retrievers are predisposed. Initially most cases show large areas of scaling, red skin which is itchy. It can involve the areas in and around the mouth, nose, anus and genitalia. It will usually slowly progress into plaques and nodules (tumors).

Cutaneous Histiocytosis (CH)

Ch is a rare begin proliferative disease of histiocytic cells of the skin. Multiple nodules occur in a group on the head, neck, perineum, scrotum and extremitites. The nodules may wax and wane and regress and reappear in new areas. Only affects the skin.

Systemic Histiocytosis (SH)

SH is a proliferative disorder that affects the skin and internal organs. The highest incidence is in Bernese Mountain dogs. The multifocal areas are papules, plaques and nodules which are haired, hairless or ulcerated. Lesions occur on the eyelids, muzzle, planum nasale, extremities and scrotum. Lesions may develop in the lung, lymphnode, spleen, liver, bone marrow and nasal cavity.

Malignant Histiocytosis (MH)

MH is a malignant cause of histocytes. The highest incidence occurs in Bernese Mountain dogs. Other predisposed breeds include Labradors, Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers and Flat Coated retrievers. Skin lesions are uncommon but when present are characterized by multiple firm nodules which may have hair loss and ulcerated. The spleen, lymphnodes, lung and bone marrow are primarily affected and then spreads to liver, central nervous system and kidneys. MH is a highly malignant rapidly progressive and fatal disease.