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Hello Dr. Charach -
Just a follow-up on another successful case that you helped us with!  In August I had sent you a case history of an 11 year old Malamute X with alopecia and hypothyroidism (Owners - Glover / Breakwell with Willow).  To make a long story short, you diagnosed her with Alopecia X and we started her on Vetoryl.  She was in the other day and they took a picture of her - unfortunately, they didn't take one of her neck but I think you can see what a huge improvement they have had with her haircoat.  She is like a young dog with her haircoat (despite her thyroid condition which interestingly has come under control too!).  The owners are thrilled!  She is going on 14 years and doing better than ever.
Thanks so much for your help and taking time to send me info. on this disease.
Lois Martin